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2017. április 26.

Pierre le Goupil:

"So far, I have been visiting the venue in Kaposvár mainly to prepare the drawing of the track, with the idea of dealing with the contour lines to avoid too much accumulation of ups and down gallops, as well as crossings, for safety and clearness reasons.

In the same time, with the Academy Director Áron Halas and Ákos Jobbik course builder, we have been working on the appropriate process to get the best quality of ground as possible and the Kaposvár team is working on the ground preparation. 

The track will not be at maximum distances but more or less around 3,000 meters. Taking these 3 parameters in consideration - accumulation of difference in height & level, quality of the ground, distance - is determinant because the end of July Kaposvár might face very hot weather conditions.

The overall course project, with the settings of simple jumps and combinations, is ready and I am currently working on the details and description of all profiles. And along with Ákos Jobbik, they are also finishing the profiling of the actual water-jump to make it wider.

All the course will be made of new fences, including some fixed fences and a majority of portables that could be used later, once adapted for other levels of competition such as 1*.

On a championship, it is important that the cross country fences tell a story or some stories related to the country, the region and its history or specialties and geography. Well, it's going to be simple and as much natural as possible to avoid kitsch pictures. But some symbolic decorations or designs as a nod to these stories are always welcome. 

But the most important will be the technical questions we are going to ask these kids with their ponies. We still need to get "the best rabbit out of the hat". It means that the test must be selective, thoughtful, but inviting. Riders should not underestimate the questions and horses must respect the fences;

They should feel a normal apprehension and be happy to go for it. A positive excitement in fact. Not so easy to achieve but I am confident and for the result, I rely on the expertise of Akos and the building team to make this course appetizing and nice to watch, safe and spectacular in the same time."